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hi guys,
so many lovely posts. Nice to come "home" to. The visit with Marbeauty didn’t happen. She had some pressing matters that came up. I understand that things happen but why does it always seem when I have plans with someone? My sister said it "them" not me but I get stood up so often I can’t help but wonder..
My Aunt that lives here has surgery today. They removed her blatter. Her life will never be the same. She is tough and has survived cancer twice so if anyone can make aa comback it will br her. Hope to see her before we leave. Her hospital is 1&1/2 hours away.
Visited with my brother and sister in law today. Went to "Grand Tower", it a rock formatation in the middle of the Mississippi where Louis And Clark were when they basicly explored the mid west in the 1800"s. Very historic place in American History.
Went to the cemetary to visit my dad, brother, grandparents and uncles grave. I held it back when I got into the car. I didn’t want them to see me cry.This year was so hard about remembering them. So much grief, esp. for my brother.I miss him so much!
I posted in F&F section. Need to leave a little note of thanks there. I will address that issue when I get back, just don’t know how quickly I will do it.
My mom resents me being on the PC and said they should all be burned. It’s because they take attention from her and my sister gets on her pc when mom drives her crazy.
gotta run!