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Hi Guys,
Well the appointment went pretty well. doc said he is seeing lots of cg’s these days. He thinks the weight loss may have contributed to the exceleration of my cg. ( from comulsive eating to compulsive gambling ) He recomended a therapist and a psychiatrist, as be believes i could be occ or other underlying disorders. He told me about his "professional "poker players. Overweight, high blood pressure, drinkers, smokers. I said Thanks Doc, yet another club for me to join! lol! Oh well, whatever, just help me put my head on straight and i’ll be fine.
Now i have to make another appointment call, but I promise I will do it by Thursday,I won’t post what I won’t do.
 p s on the appointment. Dr agreed that there is not alot of info out there about cg’s I told him about this site, his first question "What do they charge? How do they stay in business?" I explained how it worked and he was suprised. I also tried to enlighten him with other sites so he could pass that info to other patients. Don’t want to sound like an ad but we can donate to gt, something I had not thought about either. This site is too valuable to loose.– 9/29/2010 12:19:51 PM: post edited by bettie.