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Hi Guys,
Trying to get in the chat but having trouble. Busy day! Did workout, yea! My brother called and asked me over for lunch. He made me wash my car, inside and out! He also had yard work and errands for me to do. Nice lunch but what a price, lol!
I can’t wait for the campout, haven’t done it in so long and used to go all the time when my nieces ( now 17 and 14 ) were little. I have such a good brother. I am fortunate there. We were never close until his wife left him 12 years ago. He is 7 years older and was always much closer to my sister. They are 2 years apart. I was always close with my brother who passed, a void that will never be filled.
So glad the urges have calmed down. I had the perfect excuse to go gamble, at least in my CG mind, and it didn’t beat me this time. I made a physical choice to go here (the site) instead of there, fighting the mental fight/flight thing that was going on in my head. Today I made a good choice. Today I chose not to gamble.
Thanks to you all for holding my hand and supporting me here, when I needed you most!