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Hi Guys,
Well I called to make the appointment with the therapist and guess what? The two "addiction" specialist are male. I agreed to let one contact me but i had a really bad experance with a male therapist about 15 years ago and the thought of seeing a male is freaking me out! Why does this have to be so d*mm hard??
My CG friend came in the bank to cover his morgage payment. Wanted to know if I’ve been "to the boat". I proudly told him no, and i haven’t been in months, which i can say now. I told him their was help out there for this kind of thing.
He asked if he could stop by sometime, I told him yes, just call first. Am I that desperate that I will allow myself to become involved with him?  I don’t think so. We have been out a few times and now i only hear from him when he needs something. I have had enough of those kind of "relationships", I think I’ll pass.
Cousin just emailed me and she got a great deal on tickets to The House of Blue’s to see The B 52’s! Hey, something else to look foward to! Thursday night, "Love Shack, baby , yea!"
gonna work out then hopefully catch up on some threads
bettieIt’s one thing to know where you want to go-it’s another thing entirely to have the Wisdom to get there….Looking for the Wisdom