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Hi Guys!
Oh, what a lovely time! There is something wonderful about waking up to a camp fire and the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon cooking on an open fire! Too bad they can’t bottle that!
The nights were clear and cool, the days warm and sunny. Kathryn, I think I saw your star looking down and winking at me!
I took a 5 mile bike ride, my b-hind id still sore! There were inclines along the way and some would be hard to climb. I saw a beautiful young girl, maybe 20, paralyzed from the waist down, wheeling her chair up one of the steeper hills, no backup, no helper, just brave determination that a little hill would not stop her from her destination, It shamed me a bit to see her, the hand that was dealt her, and her strength against the struggle, nothing was stopping her from being happy, independent, and free, making my problems seem small indeed.I fought the hill, I made it to the top, and there was a payoff, coasting back down with the cool breeze in my face and thrill of the ride, freefalling and carefree. It reminded me of what Larry posted to me about the roll coaster, there’s a payoff for the struggle, just another reminder of how blessed I am!
I spent a lot of time looking at the campfire, thinking of my GT friends,( my head being clear for the first time in a long time) and the things I have learned from posting and chatting here.
We listened to some old school country music, walked by the river, watched the geese taking a break from their trek south for the winter. Took in the beauty of nature, the trees just starting to turn their lovely yellows, oranges and reds of Fall.( Hi Jennie!)
Had a few long talks with my mom. She was telling me that all that’s wrong with her is all her fault. I told her that was really funny, since all that’s wrong with me was her fault too! LOL! She laughed, said well one of her kids had to turn out like her so it might just as well be me!
I tried to advise her on how to be happier, she complains constantly about everything, and told her I wanted to hear about something she DID like, and then we could do some of those things.
Don’t want to think about work tomorrow, L , so I am still on vacation today, tomorrow will just have to take care of it’s self!
ps Laura, the goodie bag was really good! Mascara, nail polish, eyeshadow, blush, powder, a makeover is a bag! Such a sweet sister I have!– 10/11/2010 10:39:02 PM: post edited by bettie.