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Hi Guys,
HeY Miley41, so good to chat with you last night. I wanted to add to the conversation that when I see someone struggling with issues I never say never, there but for the grace of God go I. I’ve learned never say never, if I let myself be lax, if I let my guard down, if I fail to stay aware, I’ll be right back at it, and worse off for it.
I saw my sister yesterday. I helped my niece finish moving out of her condo and into her house. We talked a little about my cg. I told her about my friend going back to "the boat". She said maybe I need to not talk to her anymore. Funny how someone who know nothing really about CG’s can figure that out. Sick how I get so excited when she talks about gambling, I just don’t want to stop her. I know what to do. If I ask her not to discuss it she will respect that but I WANT to hear it. (Well, my cg wants to hear it!)
Need to stop the self distructive behaviour. I need to stop allowing conversations that feed into the compulsive part of my being. I need to stop letting myself be exploited, feeding alternative compulsive behaviours too.
One more step toward healing, progress not perfection.