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sick of gambling

Bettie – don’t be so hard on yourself!  It’s okay to have a pity party but don’t let it go on too long.  You’re a good person, with a great sense of humor and a lot to offer.  Sounds like you need a way to let go of this "friend" in your life since he makes you feel so bad about yourself (even if he isn’t doing it intentionally).  It’s time to make that change.  Join that dating site – a lot of people have met that way.  I met some very nice people through the personals in the newspaper (that was years ago before they had "dating" on the internet) and met a few winners too  I also met my husband that way.  Beats going to a bar.   First you need to see yourself in a better light otherwise other people won’t see  you that way.  Look in the mirror and remind yourself how much you have to offer.  Be good to yourself Miss Bettie! done4good