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Hi Guys,
Just wanted a quick post befor i leave for work.
The meeting/pinning was beautiful. The mans daughter came to pin him and spoke, not a dry eye in the house!
There was a sad note. There was someone from the GA counsel there to speak. She stated it was the worse week of her life but she was so glad to be there. One old time member had passed away and another active member commited sucide. A reality check really. We talk about it but when it becomes a reality, insanity, prison or death, it brings it home, it is real, and I thank God it didn’t happen to me. It could have, and the sadness from that lady, talking about seeing this man’s 13 and 17 year old sons at the service, was raw and real. As much distruction that we do to family is nothing compaired to the final assault, taking our life. I can imagine what brought him there. I am so sorry he couldn’t get past it. My heart breaks for the family, even though I never met him.