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Hi Guys,
Hope this evening finds you all well. I had a nice day. ( How often do you hear that?) I am on top of my goal right now, right on pace. With more hard work and a little luck, lol, I will make,  failure is not an option. The manager had to post my name on the leader board and I know that just killed my co worker, as it is usually him so na na na na na na!
Am I acting like a 2 year old or what?
Jen is now hobbling around in her soft cast, her foot is broken, and I have some grand dog duty. I don’t mind, I love those little bad boys.
My "friend" called today, asking how my weekend was. It was fine, I told him then asked what he really called for. Was going to ask me something but forgot. Well, gotta go. Click.
It’s easy to ignore him now but I need to have the real talk with him. I need him to know I will no longer accept the "relationship" we have had in the past. I need to stand up for myself. If not me then who?
I will wake up to 90 clean days tomorrow. I have had many trials to get here. I worked for it. I earned it d*mn it! And I am pleased as punch about it!
What will the next 90 be like? Too much to think about. I plan to forget about it, as much as I can, and concern myself odaat.
Every day is day one.
So many posts to read. So many wonderful friends to catch up with. Thank you guys! Where would I be now with out you? I can’t even imagine….