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Had to laugh today.
My first customer came in with a check from the state lottery! Well, it was nice, glad to see someone get something but in reality, how much did it cost her? I ( my cg curosity ) had to know, was she a gambler, was she cg? She talked of how her family didn’t want to go to Vegas with her anymore, and how she played the lotto. Then I looked at her account. Overdrawn, casino atm withdrawls. i wonder how long her little savings will last. I wish her the best.
My cg fireman buddy called today too. "Whats my account looking like?" He got paid today but it barely covered his gambling overdrafts. His car payment is in too. "Well XXXX, your car payment is going back ( 2nd time this month ).
"Ok I’ll get some money. Have you been to the boat? " No xxxx, not for months. "really?" Yes, I’m done giving them my money. "Realy?" Yes xxxx, there is help for this kind of thing. "Oh, well have a good night."
I’m so glad that is not my life today!