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You still have one of the best dramatic titles for your Journal. It made me want to read it when I first came to the site.
Thanks for sharing your family issues with us all. It’s a bit like a reality TV show and we’re waiting for the next episode. Always reveals vulnerability, shows strength and done with sincerity, wit and humor. I know that your customers at the bank like to deal with you because you’ve got some real life experience.
Got my knee surgery done and I’m still here so all went well but I woke up and I was still a compulsive gambler. I should have gotten them to do a brain transplant while I was out. I can’t seem to get it through my head that this gambling thing is not just a passing phase and I will be afflicted for my remaining days.
Well….GA is helping with that. You can’t go into those meetings carrying any BS that you don’t want exorcized. I’m taking donuts and cream for the coffee tomorrow night. My buddy’s having a hard time with losing his Craps partner so I’m dragging him to an open meeting. He really can’t understand the illness. His first angry reaction: "You’re not really gonna go and hang out with those losers." He forgot he was talkin’ about me. He can play and walk away when he’s a winner and does very well, I cannot. He leaves the table to eat when he’s hungry. I stay. He doesn’t creep around at the ATM after midnight trying to find which credit card isn’t maxed out.
Well Bettie, thanks for the space to vent in your journal. I hope your day was positive and you’re treating yourself well.
Take care
 My vice is the dice for life !!!