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Hey Guys,
Well breakfast with Santa at the zoo tomorrow. We are expecting some really bad weather and have to be out at 7:30 am. Well I just hope it’s not too cold. My brother and his daughter are coming too. These girls are 14  and 17, we started taking them when they were 4 and 7, This will be the last one 🙁  but time marches on!
When my brother got divorced around 11 years ago I assumed the mommy role when he needed one. Since my niece was just a little younger ( and lived down stairs from me) we brought her along too and made a foursome. We went everywhere, camping, shows, movies, school programs, and breakfast with Santa! Such happy little times, almost forgotten, until now.
Clear the gambling fog and find the life and the person lost so long ago.
What a wonderful thing!
bettie– 12/12/2010 4:17:42 AM: post edited by bettie.