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Hi Bettie, thanks for your post, you made me think and I’m calmer now.  Sorry, that you are reliving the hurtful things in your past.  I know it’ hard to let them go.  I am the oldest of three, my Mom always expected me to be the prettiest, smartest, to live the life she never lived.  I never met her expectations, always felt her dissapointment.  I have let go of alot, but I did seek counciling to help with the pain of feeling worthless. (I could have never lived up to her expectations)  Now, when were together, my additude is like me for what I am or don’t , that’s your chioce.  I may not be perfect, but I like me!  I don’t think she will ever know the hurt she caused, and how it affected my life.  YOU have alot of good qualities about you BETTIE, and IM GLAD you are my friend. Have a wonderful day!  Day 41, and BETTIE you were the one who helped me to want to start my recovery, with your support the first time I came to GT!Seize all the good things in life