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Had to laugh at myself.
I just opened a Christmas Card from my  Asst. Manager and guess what? 2 scratch off lottery tickets! OMG! I’m looking at them wondering what to do. Do I give them to my daughter, suspected scratch off cg, do i throw away a possible "winner"? The lottery was not my thing and suspect I won’t run to the casino regardless of the outcome, but I know this will come up on Christmas eve, as the family plays a game where the reward is scratch offs. I already planned for that, told my daughter I would hand them off and she was to keep what ever she got from them.
My sponsor advised I not tell my assistant Manager about my cg, I was thinking about doing so. I wish I had gone with my instincts and told her and I wouldn’t be looking at these D*mned things on my desk.
So not worth risking my recovery.
Well i will "re-gift" them to someone, wrap them up and for get about it.