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Good Morning All,
Off work, up procrastnating about what i should be doing. GA sponser called. I’m on vacation and don’t feel like doing homework d*mn it! LOL! I told you she was a tough one.
Jen had me running around when she got off of work. I love how she runs off at the checkout! Just like a kid! She told me she can’t believe how much Christmas has cost her this year. Excuse me? Cost her? She said how she was off about $700 with the broken foot. I had to remind her who made up the difference. Cost her? Well thats my fault, i keep giving, she keeps taking.
I’m tired of thinking about being CG. One day maybe a day will pass where I don’t think about gambling, recovery, money, bills, etc. Guess I better not wish for that day, because I think that will only happen when I’m dead! But it does get tiresome of identifing myself as "bettie, compulsive gambler". When do I just get to be "bettie"? I know, I’ll just change my name!
bettieIt’s one thing to know where you want to go-it’s another thing entirely to have the Wisdom to get there….Looking for the Wisdom