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Home, Finally!
Thank God the holiday finds me with a day off tomorrow to recover.
I had a nice holiday with the family. Mine yesterday and my ex’s today. My sister is in love with the Tequila I used for the margaritas for our Mexican Christmas eve, will need to get her one for her birthday. The Great niece was so sweet! 8 months now. I bought her a soft teddy bear and she just squeezed it and wouldn’t let go! What a cute age!
Had to laugh at my ex husbands house. His wife said it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t fall asleep in the recliner. She says they take an annual photo of me sleeping and I look so cute! lol! The gave me a gift, a pumpkin candle ( my favorite) and a gift card to a clothing store. I told her she shouldn’t as I only buy for her son and her grand kids, but she said she wanted to do something extra for me, as last year I looked so down and stressed. ( I look back and you know what? she was right!)
We spotted a really drunk driver on the highway and called the police. Hope they got him, Swerving left and right, just a matter of time before he hit someone. Snowing, icy and he was doing about 40 mph in a 65 mph zone.
Looking for a snack but ate like a pig! Guess I should be using the new workout DVD and work out clothes I got.
All in all, a pretty nice holiday.