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Hi Guys,
Sorry if this post is fueled with rum and tequila. My brother gave me a wonderful gift for Christmas, a video from Christmas past. I have cried my eyes out! My Sweet brother, playing with my daughter and niece, my dear sweet daddy, playing with the grands! On My GOD! I miss them SO MUCH!
So precious, the memories of Christmas past!
I want to scream at the video image you have only 6 years left! Make the most of them! but it’s too late! I can’t change a thing in the Past! i am so mad! Why did my niece have to grow up without my brother?
 Such is life i guess. There as actually a Christmas where I am thin ,lol! I am so pleased to see it. Christmas 1992, pre CG. a time when I lost my weight for a second time, D*amn! I look GOOD!
I’m looking at my daughter , Christmas 1992. 2 years before that car hits her and changes our lives forever!
Funny. looking into the past. I was so filled with life then. I had forgotten, the life without gambling.
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