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He makes the rules as he goes. Yes, he is supposed to sign off on a form however I asked him if he wanted one and he said no. This is MY mistake and I will credit myself for that.
He is just not a good manager. He doesn’t know how to schedule ( we had 3 tellers all day New Years Eve, a VERY busy day ).  In Fact, the time he took he wasn’t entitled to. His manager doesn’t monitor his time and called looking for him last week as he was not aware that he was off.
Breath Breath Breath………..
My Tiger Kitty escaped as I came in the door. Ungrateful thing! Got to make an extra trip to the basement and had to chase him back up as he is too big to carry and will bite at you if you pick him up!
Ate my salad. Time to tackle the tree.
Next year this place will look like Scrooge lives here!