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Well, home all day today. Checked in on a few chats and did some cleaning. The dust bunny army has called a full blown retreat and is hiding in the spare bedroom and closets now!
If i do nothing again tomorrow I may tackle in there. I want to paint the kitchen and it needs major ceiling repairs so the room needs to be empty so I can move everything in there. I also want to start my ebay account and rid myself of some "casino" related decors. Why throw it out? Some of it is antique and would make a nice decoration for someone else who has a game room or something.
I worked out with the therapist yesterday. I have never been this sore before! I have a pain in my neck and thighs. (She made me do squats ! OMG!!) I did my own workout today and believe me that didn’t help! To top it off i got on the scale and am up a few pounds too! Insult to injury! Well, lots of other reasons for that and I expect to see some change in a week or two. Hard to feel like you are suffering and getting no result. Wonder what I can relate that to? Hummm…..
Catch u on the chat!