Hi Linda
I thought about you the other day and hoped that your silence meant you were ok.
I am glad that you knew that you could come back here and talk when your head must be reeling with confusion.
I cannot tell you what to do and that is not a cop out – we all have to do what is right for ourselves. We should never make decisions, in my opinion, when we are unsure, frightened and confused as you obviously are at present.
As far as I can remember, your CG has never sought help for his addiction and I have still never heard of a CG who has turned his life around completely without the right support from those who understand. 
Have a set answer ready for people who ask questions at work. Simply say what you have said in your post ‘I don’t want to talk about it at the moment’. It would have to be a very thick skinned person who pushed you for more information. If it was me I wouldn’t wear the ring because I think it will cause you pain to show it – the shine has been taken off it.  Gossip is a seven day wonder and those who judge are not worth worrying about.   It is only ‘you’ that matters.
You need time Linda – time for yourself time to adjust and know what you want to do. You have been on the site long enough to know that this is a terrible addiction. You know that your CG will try and convince you that he can handle his addiction – it is down to you whether you accept it or not.
Look after yourself. We will talk soon I am sure