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Well still awake in between playing games on my iPad. Tv has packed in again, it is so temperamental. Read through geordies posts and took some heart from that as life certainly did get better for him over time since the coma. I too have food bank vouchers but won’t go. There are some things I just don’t feel able to do. I wonder how long it took for things to get better and whether I am too late. I am that much older at 59 but the gambling career was just five and a half years of complete destruction. I often wonder if this is just the end of things as it sometimes feels that way. Hello, this is the decline and things just don’t get better. This is the one of the things I think I fear most. Having bugger all to do and being too tired for anything energetic is a pain in the arse. Life just isn’t meant to be lived in this way. My health problems certainly got exacerbated since the last relapse although I have had them since the beginning of this year but gambling suppressed It all. Well must try and get some sleep and pray for a bit of breakthrough. Day 66.