well it’s taken me a very long time to reach this point but I am finally ready to let my son go. This time he has stepped over the line and my threshold. The details are not relevant just that I have reached that point where I have to let him go and face whatever the future has for him. I’ve stuck by him through thick and thin, i’ve recognised when the addiction is speaking, he’s had so many second chances its embarrassing, the addiction has torn my family apart and threatened my relationship with my partner. No more, i’ve finally reached my enough is enough point!

The biggest stopper for me has been threats of suicide if I don’t send him money. Well if that’s what he wants to do, I will not stop him. I am not playing the manipulation game anymore. I will not be blackmailed by anyone. I will not be taken down with him.

He is not ready to accept help. I will hope one day he is. Until then I will carry on with MY life.

Hoping everyone is okay and getting on with their own lives. Best wishes San x