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After all thats happened over the last few weeks im starting to see things from a different perspective. I realise that my gambling problem stems from a lot of different things thats happened in my life but also who i am as a person that i have never dealt with. I have always been strong for others and eager to help whenever i can. That part of me has also helped put aside my own problems for better or for worse. Ever since i was a child I’ve been what some call a natures child. I feel so at home when im outside in the forest or here on the beach. I love animals, they are so innocent and beautiful creatures. Being creative in any way is also helpful which is why im going to pick that up when i come back home.

I have also realised that i am hopelessly impulsive (always been) which of course does not help being a compulsive gambler.

I wish you all a beautiful day xxxx