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Really cheered me up hearing how well you are doing and how far you have come. Your energy and positivity will always shine through and it does not surprise me one bit that you are doing very well at work and personally.

Your focus on your recovery and belief in yourself, in improving your life and acknowledging  all the right things you are doing, is so inspiring and admirable 

it gives me hope that I can and will end the year without attempting to gamble or gamble. 

the inner goodness and love within us always wants to do better for ourselves and others. Though sometimes dark actions or poor decisions overpower this.

my family and I are well and in isolation. Baby is due in 8 weeks time and I am looking forward to having more love and beau in the family.

thank you murr for always reaching out and listening. I always felt I was heard even when things were very bad.

always here and listening to your journey x