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Really good to hear you are doing well Flo and thankyou very much for your post and kind words, I wish you well and hope life is treating you fair, keep posting and sharing its good to share your thoughts and life with others…….its strange how much we all have in common.

Ok so I am 15 days gamble free (thankyou to all of you for your ongoing help and support I couldnt do it without you), from the bottom of my heart thankyou.

So today, now this is me when not gambling, I went out to get a nice joint of meet for sunday lunch, I even brought some herbs to cook the meet with (attention to detail not a chance if I had been gambling I wouldnt have even brought the meet……well I probably would have but you know what I mean) came home and cooked it…..had a lovley sunday lunch with the wife and kids and then after that I took my lad fishing (spur of the moment thing) he sat down at the computer and I said do you fancy going and he jumped at the chance so we did……fresh air and memories it was lovley…… boy caught 3 fish and I caught 5 we both had a nice afternoon and spent some wonderful time together, got back and now exhausted so just chilling before work tomorrow.

Recovery gives me life and happiness………gambling does not and never will!