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I have been quite unmotivated and lazy, not work wise particularly, although not as on form as I should be, but everything else. I Have not kept to my diet, although we are all eating very well on my weekly organic delivery and hello fresh meals. However, hello fresh are too calorific and in my 7 weeks and 2 days of lockdown I have put on 4 lbs, probably the chocolate and the occasional pudding. I have to do something about discipline and motivation. I have always been very disciplined in my work, but totally the opposite with everything else, like I can’t be bothered. Anyone have any ideas at how to support this, aside from just doing it?! I still haven’t been on the treadmill, I used to walk long distances when I was working which helped with fitness. I must force myself to go on it.
I am looking at the future, when we emerge out of all of this. I have to make planning and preparations for moving to Cornwall, which I will need an alternative career. The thing that stops me from doing a wellness blog, is the ‘what if I get sick?’ Conundrum.
I am really aware that I no longer want to take two long tube journeys and the battling for my team I have found waring. I have just won another battle but the forcing of people who are vulnerable to come in I have found draining and just makes me see how some awful decisions have been made by those who should know better. However, I have won every battle thus far.
With Germany infection rate going up, releasing lockdown measures don’t seem like they will happen soon. I think people need forward movement and hope. We are not made to just stand still for long periods of time as if we were all in prison. Humans just not made that way.