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1. Listening to my own lies and deceit, that it will not end in destruction this time, I will be very careful.

2. It was permissible to do responsible gambling, losing only surplus money without affecting the livelihood of my family. In another words, losing money that I can afford.

3. Desiring for more money that belong to others. I am not harming another person, the money belong to the casino.

4. I need entertainment, it will be a fun and enjoyable past time.

I will think of new reasons all the time so that I can gamble.

Half truth is still a lie. Everyone of them are lies I use to convince myself that it was all right to gamble.

The truth is I can do other thing beside gambling. The truth about gambling is one of destruction, it brings trouble and distress into my life.

Regardless of the situation, gambling is no longer an option, solution or an answer.