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Every time we gamble , Jen, we put another nail in our own coffin. I firmly believe it is an act of self destruction for a CG to take that risk . We justify our actions by saying “We didn’t do major financial damage”, but the thing is Jen, gambling is not a financial problem. Yes, of course we lose crazy and unbelievable amounts by any standard and money becomes a huge problem when we are broke and in debt but the very fact that a CG can justify a big loss or act as if it isn’t all that important, further highlights the underlying emotional/psychological aspect of gambling addiction.
The worst thing that can happen a CG is that we fall into despair.
The devil loves us to lose hope.
Try to forget your previous relapses, Jen. Nothing that we say or do will change the past.
In my experience, the more we dwell on our failures the less likely we will be to focus on our future successes.
We CAN stop gambling.
We can stay stopped.
We need to instill that deep in our psyche.
Nothing is impossible with, God’s Grace.
On a practical note, one of the ways I found to keep money at a distance is to lodge a cheque in the post office It takes 12 working days to clear. That gives a CG “re thinking time”.
I also lodged money in my husband’s post office account to ensure it would be there to meet two large annual bills in December. It means only the account holder can withdraw that money. Posting your debit card to your own address is another way to delay ATM withdrawals. In extreme cases we may need to have all our accounts in joint names.
Where there is a will there is a way.
Never give up hope, Jen.
Life without gambling is worth fighting for.
The Gambling Life is not worth living!