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Ok guys, back here after 2 months
Guess what I’ve been doing?yes back gambling
So after reading books on CG i still decided to play one last bet
And I made 1 bet on sports Parlay and guess what?I WON around USD 120k, that was 2 months ago.
Quit for few days, so happy, went travelling with family then went back gambling and won around 50K in 1 week.
So my total gambling loss came down to just below 200k, from initial 400k, quite content but couldnt stop. Kept telling myself maybe now can finally break even then quit.
Anyways kept gambling,few wins few losses and then just this past 2 weeks lost 300k.
So total accumukated loss is now 500k.
Feel dark and hopeless, now even have to sell few assets to settle.
Hopefully now I can really stop for good.