not sure if I am replying right. not good with computers. just wanted o say thanks . soo glad you replied to my post. my emotions have been all over he place most of the day. I miss my hb soo much. He moved out– not me. this is my home . it was mine prior to us getting married.
Tonight is the first night he is not sleeping at home. he has called/text me several *****. I am answering him because I dont want him to think I’m abandoning him. I did tell him that I found a psychiatrist and will call tomorrow to make him an appointment . he is agreeing to go. He also an appointment Thursday with a counselor ( through the parish ) . We will see what happens. IM not familiar with counselors and
psychiatrist o I really hope they can help him.
This is really heartbreaking, but I will stick to my guns because he truly seems to be responding. For the first time in 13 years I feel like I got his attention. The counselor has not returned my call to set up an appointment for myself. I will work on that tomorrow for sure. it’s back to work for me tomorrow — that will keep me busy
Again thanks for responding.