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Dear diary,

I like the sharings I heard from 2 recovering gamblers recently, they say that even if it was a sure win bet, they are not going to gamble.

I thought to myself
this is against my belief and principle in the past

if the venture is a sure win, it was a stupidity if I do not go ahead to make the money.

this has also become my downfall many times in the past. I found out that when I stop gambling in the past, I was like hibernating and waiting for the right time to return to gambling.

today I can question myself and others
if this was a sure win bet, will I go ahead to gamble?

the answer I got from 2 groups was not a yes or no answer to gambling, they replied the same answer, there was no guarantee sure win in gambling.

I reply if there was a sure win bet, are you going ahead to gamble?

One person reply jokingly, he will gamble this time and stop after that.

People are very defensive and uncomfortable with this question

I had the same feelings for a long time, it question my conscience and dishonesty, the truth make me very uncomfortable, deep down I know, I will go ahead to gamble if it was a sure win.

I had dig out this reservation in me and I am addressing and talking about it.

Now even if I know this was a sure win bet, I am not going to gamble because it was a wrong way to make money.