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Excuse me for shouting but i was so happy to hear that you are still on and monitoring the site. How are you doing? I check every day to see if you have posted. I read new posts and threads every day on my lunch, not out of fear that i may gamble, but to connect with others in the same struggle. My feelings towards myself have changed and the path I am on seems smoother; less complicated. The longer the distance i put between me and the last time i gambled, the more i see the waste of time and money that gambling is. I am still strugging with motivation when i am home, as i still lean towards playing on the computer like when i was gambling, but like you said, its a no brainer when you are locked out of everything so that even if tempted, the opportunity isnt there. I, too, have been spreading the gospel of gamban, and hope that others will heed the advice, as it is incredibly sound. Another things has changed as well. Now, when i am face to face and nose to nose with others, i don’t feel so different. I used to feel like i had a big secret, that i was different and no one knew exactly why. I feel better. Tell us what we need to do to get you back. Give us your hurdle and let us brainstorm to get it out of your path. We may not have all of the answers, but we are willing to try to get you back on track, with us.