Has this forum been of any use to you whatsoever.

You’ve not taken a blind bit of notice. Nguyen has a serious problem, the traits you describe are typical of a CG. Your constantly feeding her money is causing her to feed her addiction even more. She cant afford to pay her bills so you just give her $600 every time you go away, but yet she can afford to play cards and loose the odd $100.

She has a problem. I think you have a bigger one. If you love this lady like you have claimed set her free, maybe she will seek help, all you are doing is prolonging her agony. She wont seek help as long as you’re feeding her addiction.

I am almost convinced you are just coming on this forum to antagonise people. People who are suffering, people who genuinely care and love someone who they cherish, who can see the gambling for what it is. You on the other hand don’ t seem to recognise this in the slightest, Your own selfishness is helping to ruin Nguyen’s life.

I would not have one bit of sympathy for you if she somehow stole all your wealth and gambled it.