So, after a week of negativity in the house we (I) decided to call a truce. Our son got sick with a high fever the past days and with nursing the baby I had my hands full. Yesterday was nice, we went for a walk and I thought we were ‘ok’ even though my hb was complaining about petty things, trying to drain energy…

This morning, I made us all breakfast – and he confesses that he has been watching porn on the computer (again) yesterday. Turns out, all afternoon and evening while I am sleep deprived (suffering insomnia too!), taking care of the family and our house, he was bathing-in-his-sex-addiction.

I am aware that some do not think of this as an addiction, but since my husband DOES, I told him that this is then a relapse. He cannot be with us (as I wrote to him in my intervention/impact letter) and asked him to leave. He left, with a bible, to go to a meeting and I cannot have him in the house today anymore. I feel betrayed and hurt, grrr – he claims this was nothing more than a ‘slip’ but I don’t care what he calls it. His attitude sucks.

Anyone have advice on whether I am doing the right thing? Maybe recovering addicts can shine a light on his lack of impulse control?


p.s. last Friday again he started accusing me of having an affair when all I did was take our son to the playground. *sigh*