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Hi, i have read through your story and i can really relate to your situation. I was addicted to the slot machines and i soon moved on to the tables and online betting which is where i am right now. Today i discovered this site while searching for help so i really do not have much to offer you at this time but only encouragement. I believe it is possible to STOP and regain control. I have decided to do the same. Today i lost so much to online gambling and it is a turning point for me. I have closed the account and i am determined to burn myself in all the casino’s i visit. I am determined to focus on my life and start attending my debts instead of waiting for the big pay that will take care of everything. I haven’t been here long but i have picked up on one thing “Gambling is not the solution but the problem”. I am holding on to this thought as it resonates very deeply with me. Most (if not all) of the problems and debts i have right now are as a result of gambling so further gambling will not solve them but further escalate them. I know it will not be an easy journey but the stories of the people here has given me a renewed hope and believe that i can do it. I hope it does the same for you.