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Thank you for your support as always.

I need to be strong and put an end on this extremely unhealthy situation that is destroying me.

You are right, I do not have proof of anything and I don’t know if I can believe all the things he says. I don’t know if I mentioned before but he told me he won 100 thousand euros with gambling 5 years ago. How could he be into so much debt if that was true?

First he said most of the money went back to gambling and next he said it was not on gambling but on buying expensive cars and basically living like a playboy.

Anyways, I don’t believe in this story. I don’t think he won 100 thousand euros from an online casino and I guess he only tells this story to justify why he continues gambling, to say that it is possible to win.

My family encourages me to meet other men and I have support from a therapist and a doctor. They said I can call any time and I will probably do it today. I have been living in extreme anxiety.

Well, I avoided him all day but sooner or later we will have to speak and I will break up again.

Half of his debts are under his brother’s name who made loans for him to cover the gambling losses. I don’t think he will ever pay back, how could he?

I hope I can be strong and get out of this nightmare.

Thank you again for your support.