Rock bottom was what I was praying for, hoping my dad would finally see the light of the addiction controlling his life. When I knew he was living in the car, not working, just living on a little pension he would see the light, but no. I felt he would certainly see how his situation was the result of gambling, but again he didn’t. If anything gambled more and demanded more from others and me, always wanting money, now looking back he knew he had nothing to lose. It is truly sad when it gets to this point, not just for the cg, but the family members. I had many nights feeling sick to my stomach, afraid for him but still I did not give in. I knew my father if I did he would think all was well again and the vicious cycle would start again.
Tougher times are still ahead for you but remember whatever your cg pulls you can handle it, just remember your reaction is what is most important. Action is really the only thing that moves a cg, not screaming or threatening or crying, these actions only show the addiction that it has control over you.
There is nothing you can say to him that will move him to stop, only following through, as you did yesterday filing contempt papers. Don’t give the addiction room to do anymore damage.
You will be fine, keep running to keep your sanity and you are on this road to recovery for you and your children.
Take care,