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when ever you get close to the 2 month mark try tying up your time with activities that will keep you away. Talk about it and give the urge a voice. Let your mate understand how important it is to stay away from the casino. Remember the aftermath and bring it to the front of your thoughts and let yourself feel the regrets. I am using a buzz word every time the littlest thought enters my brain that has the slightest thing to do with gambling. I am finding it helpful and sometimes just yell it out as loud as I can. FRENZY over and over again. There are some good hypnosis sites on line too that you can try to help stop gambling . I have done them a few times and it may be helping me. I have been a cg for over 15 years. 5 of those years were very heavy. I have also gone for almost a year when I didn’t gamble. Then with a false sense of control I started up again and would go once a month to once a week.
I find my urges hit hard after 1 month and i am prepared to work around that time and rely on my hubby heavily then. I have finally realized I have the addiction and can’t be in a casino ever again or I will not be able to control what happens. I am going to go to a family doc for extra hypnosis appointments as well. He helped me to quit smoking using those tecniques so I am willing to try it again to quit gambling. Hope this helps and get rid of access to cash that reduces urges for sure. I am not able to access cash in a casino at all now. FG