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Sara, You are probably making a wise decision in not telling your family about your addiction. Showing them with your actions is a positive step. That is and was my life but that’s my experience and it has shaped me into who I am. I have a lot of empathy towards someone with a addiction. Bad things happen to good people. People just don’t understand the totality of the gambling addiction. We do as we’ve lived it! You can’t chose your family but I’m blessed with a few close and living friends. I was and am a good Mother and Grandmother. I take pride in that. My oldest Daughter has a chip on her shoulder. Not just for me but the world. It is something she needs to deal with. I feel a disconnect with her but I’ve tried to fix it and can’t. My Grandson forever holds a piece of m y heart and soul. He know that. Today, I will enjoy and love my family for we dont know how much time we have left. No gambling thoughts!!