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What a beautiful Sunny day today. I gazed at it through my big bay windows. I still haven’t ventured out but today I feel calm. It is my mums 86th birthday today. She described it as the weirdest one yet. Her friends always send her cards every year, she has two cards this year and a few have rung her to say sorry can’t find a card but happy birthday anyway. She got her b12 injection but struggled to walk to a health centre. Most local Gp practices are closed and people are being seen in the lead GP practice in an area. She had queued at Sainsbury’s as she couldnt bare the usual local shop fare, that is so not my mum. She said the queue was miles but two men saw her and got her to the front of the queue so she didn’t have to wait. Well done those men. She spoke about when she was young in Austria and she was much smarter than her brother but her father said to her that girls don’t matter when her school tried to get her eleven into the top stream of school. I said women have come a long way but I think for most women it has been a struggle in what has been a male dominated world. I like talking to my mum, it is like she has a young woman’s spirit in an old body.
Well, about to cook for everyone soon. I am reading a good book about shaman Durek, really interesting.