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Well the day started Ok with an early morning call from the gma women’s group members for a chat. I didn’t even know we could do this so that was good. I spent some time in the sunshine in the garden and attempted to put some structure in the day. I answered a few quora questions and realised two things which are the downside of starting a blog 1. Some people vehemently disagree with something you have said and can be quite rude about it 2. I have spoken about local hospital issues that have hit the nationals that are a cause for great concern when we have been told not to. I am really uncomfortable with the managing of the message which has downsides ie the message is managed and economical with the truth and the control that manifests in a command and control situation. Not comfortable with that at all and I find it distasteful. I felt that the daily briefings yesterday were just too politicised and untruthful,or in other words, lies to make messages more palatable. I feel uneasy now about doing a blog.
I also wonder about how long we can continue like this, we are low on food now until Sunday. We are all doing without hairdressers, massage, Self care type things, proper exercise, dentist, normal GP services, shopping. It is tiring, the energy of this crisis is draining.
My son went out yesterday afternoon and did not return till the small hours. I tried calling and texting but his phone was switched off. I found it made my chest tight, something I just didn’t need. We have only just talked and he apologised but I spent the entire night worrying and shanti was upset too. He said that he had told her that he was going to his dads. He said that his dad was even more paranoid than we r about social distancing and that he did not go into the house but was in the garden. For that amount of time.? I said that we r not even meant to be visiting anybody. He came back with a large box of 24 eggs. My chest was relieved immediately, it is worry, fear and anger mixed which has a physical affect. I realised that we are all becoming paranoid about social distancing and I wonder what the damage to us as humans will be from all of this. This situation cannot continue long term without inflicting huge social and economic damage.
I cooked on Friday, a beef honey stew, it was nice but a little too sweet. The reason I mention my cooking is because it is a reasonably newish thing for me to cook daily and constantly takes me by surprise. I simply have spent too much time at work to ever organise cooking properly.