Here as promised V an update on my scan. The Cancer is unchanged, still asleep, no bigger, no smaller hurrayyy!!! However, the scan has brought two other health concerns to the fore so I have more tests in the coming weeks. This chemo stuff is strong and I believe messes other bits of you up!! The doctor did stress it was not urgent but needed to be investigated … oh the joy. I also had my antibody top up yesterday, so should be full of energy again for a few weeks :).

At least this news has taken my mind off my cg and his adventures.

Last night I dreamt that my dead sister visited my father and told him she had come for me. He persauded her to go away and come back another time hahahaha. It was a very vivid dream!

So I am back to the One day at a time, one scan at a time and try not to worry until we know what we are dealing with. The good news is these new health concerns are NOT cancer because they would have shown up. Also I have another 6 months before I have to go through the Scanxiety again and it will be a ‘normal’ scan not the radioactive one.

I have read a fantastic article on ‘the ego’ this week which I may share in the Family and Friends Topics forum as there are certainly bits in there relevant to us.

Wishing everyone lots of strength to stay true to yourself and not to let that ‘beast’ get to you today and beyond. Best wishes San xx