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In the Material World, our security is , of course tied up with our Bank Balance.
The danger here (for me anyway) is that life becomes unbalanced if we focus too much on one aspect.
For example. I put XXXX amount of money in slot machines recently.
When I checked my bank account online, I noticed I was charged “unpaid fee”for a cancelled direct debit.
I’m hounding the bank to get approx 12 quid restored to my account. I am like a dog with a bone. Can’t let go!
The agent went into a lengthy explanation as to why/how that fee is justified. I told her that my query has nothing to do with the amount of money but with the principle of False Charges and that I want my money restored. She is “taking it to a higher level”. I told her I will be watching my online account “in anticipation of a fair outcome”.
How is that for misplaced security!! I could very easily get hung up on money so I need to remind myself that there are no pockets in a shroud.
PS. I bought my husband a sewing machine last Christmas, Argos do a dandy machine for around 100 quid.Why not buy your hubby a glue gun and an instruction manual from Santa?