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You wrote: “Today was spent outside with my Granddaughter playing with side walk chalk and riding the tricycle. The little things mean so much.”

That touched me, because my father was a compulsive gambler.  I only remember him being there in the mornings and him being annoyed as I tried to attract his attention away from the newspaper where he was checking form and working out where to put his bets.  Then I wouldn’t see him all day because he would be working – not for the family – but to earn the money to bet with.  Weekends would be his big gambling days and so it would go on.

Other fathers took their kids to football matches, to the pool, fishing …  I had to look after myself.  To his credit he did teach me to ride a bike (after severe prompting from my mother) but that was it – in the 13 years he was there.

I used to feel really hard done by – but now, of course, I know he couldn’t help it.  The funny thing is that I actually feel he really missed out as well.  I wasn’t a bad kid and I think he would have enjoyed spending more time around me.  He died through gambling at an early age (56) but I hadn’t seen him since my teenage years and only found out some time after the event.

Hey a small sentence triggered all that!  Thanks for your posts and keep enjoying your gambling free life, giving your grand-daughter so many happy memories.