nomore 56

Hi James, I have been reading your posts and agree with each and every reply you got. I think you and your attorney came up with an excellent plan. There is just one thing I would like to suggest to you when you design your parenting/visitation plan for the separation. Your daughter is still very young and I don’t know how responsible your wife is with her. But since she seems to leave work to go gambling, it might be a good idea to include a paragraph in the agreement to not allow her, to take your daughter anywhere alone. At least not when it comes to driving around. I know it sounds paranoid and even silly maybe but there are unfortunately a lot of cgs who let the addiction just run amok and forget about their kids. Leaving them in the car is very evidently here in my state. Happens all the time. I also don’t know how your mil handles her daughters addiction, is she is realistic and supports you or if she is minimizing it. This addiction is very dangerous and it wouldn’t be the first time that a cg puts others in harms way. Better safe than sorry is what learned over the years. I don’t want to add to your worries but since you are calling the shots right now, it might be the right time to prevent something really awful. I wish you luck!