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Three have a good sim only deal as much GB phone and texts £30 month. On telly the other day I seen 02 had a black Friday deal I think it was £20 for 30GB dosnt end til this Friday.

Maybe 3 would price match.

Sorry havn’t replied directly to your post on my thread. Im just going out the door. Am away for a couple of days.

Pleased to hear your birthday went well.

Got to dash Monica, take care.

We are all united with the same problem Monica, and within the CG demographic there are many smaller groups of people who do share a lot of similar spokes to their wheel.

We are all unique though but united with one common demonstrator. Gambling until our lives have become unmanageable in some aspects, if not all, to some degree or other. We have all become powerless against it.

Maybe the different problems that brought us to that position need addressing in different ways, but does the common denominator?

I got to dash. Sorry to hear of your daughters predicament, as if you havn’t got enough on your plate.