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Very well done on your 6 G Free Months, Maverick and on all your other achievements. I was thinking of you this weekend, and wondering how you were faring out sleeping in the car . (I must say it sounds dodgy to me!) The temperatures have dropped and the nights are foggy so that makes a big change from getting eye shut in the summer at say midnight and wakening to sunlight streaming in your car window. I’m glad to hear you have “upgraded”. The garage sounds like a gift for sure Maverick but I guess it’s not designed for human habitation. Especially if you are rigging up gas to cook on!! Be careful, Maverick. I like taking risks but sometimes we need to check out the finer details. God forbid that anything serious should go wrong, but apart from that, it might be just a matter of time before some of the other garage users become suspicious and report “unusual activity”. What do you think yourself of the likelihood of that happening?
I’m really happy that you are not gambling, Maverick. It was playing games with your head . Worse than any drug. You know that. ‘Don’t need this ol’ doll to tell you. As for me, I am NOT 6 months G, free like you. I’m still dabbling , supping with the devil and losing the little sanity I have left; clawing money from the wrong sources and discarding it in the blink of an eye as if it were going out of fashion. How crazy is that! Today is Day 3 for me! Like you, I have that spluttering/bursting cough. I too thought I had ruptured a blood vessel or part of my gut during the night and the wheezing was so loud, I got no sleep. Well, even less than usual. It sounded like a sewing machine. Sort of a musical sound which I would have enjoyed if it hadn’t been coming from my own bronchial tubes. Today, I spent €50 in the Health shop buying natural anti inflammatory/soothing products. I found it hard to pay so much for so few items . The Manuka honey had 33% off , so that was a bargain. Strange how we could shove ten/twenty €50 notes into slot machines knowing the poor return and yet cringe over buying a few health products that will help us to breathe.
We are not BAD, Maverick. I agree, but are we MAD?
Always in my prayers Mav.
Be good!
You deserve the best for your huge efforts. Take a bow!