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Where did those 6 years go Kathryn? Time flies. Think of all the money/time/energy/hope/esteem/peace of mind/dignity/health/relationships etc etc etc you would have lost in that 6 years if you hadn’t called a halt. I only wish, I had followed your example but all I can do now is count the times I was G free as my bonus times. I have had very long “dry” spells. Of course every time we gamble , we undo the good work, but heyho!, I see my debt reducing, my life improving (somewhat) and today I have peace of mind which is priceless. I would love to be able to bob into a casino (Hell for a CG, we must remind ourselves always), pop fifty euro in a machine, get a few wins and walk away laughing but that will never happen for a CG. We will “bob” in alright, but when I drag myself out 10, 12.20 hours later, I know I will have put a few more nails in my coffin. Who wants that?
As for my Catholic Faith, K. I think it’s like GA or GT in many ways. We run away when we can’t bear to hear the truth, i.e. we are being required to “do things differently”!
You were FAR too young at 16 to be cynical. You are still too young to be anything but hopeful, optimistic and openminded.
How is married life treating Brea?