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So I did get a nasty text from my Sister as she thinks that I have put her in the middle of my Mom’s and my disagreement. She is feeling this way after talking to my Mom this morning. I apologized again and told her that it wasn’t my intent. I have no clue as to what my Mom said to her. I am sure it wasn’t what I had really said. She said Mom’s feelings were hurt. I told her that I was tired and hurt from her verbal abuse. She replied that she understood. Honestly I feel like a little piece of my soul was ripped out. I also feel ganged up on. I have decided that my Mom and I need a break from each other. There is no respect for each other and if we don’t take a break mean, nasty words are going to be spoken. I am leaving for the city on Friday morning. I am going to keep my distance from her this week. If she happens to contact me, I will be cordial on the phone but I don’t want to see her. It is rainy here. I am hoping that the plumbers can dig the trench and lay the new pipes before I leave. I could have done a lot of damage today gambling. Instead, I stayed home and did some cleaning. I bought more water. I heated it up and washed my hair and washed up. It is strange not having running water. It’s the little things that I take for granted.