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So I did it’s post about being grateful for the little things really got me to thinking. I do try and be grateful for the little things in life. Right now I could be bitter and sulk that my lump sums will almost exclusively go to cover debt. But on the other hand it will be great to be almost debt free. I will be at a point where there will be some money for savings. I’m thinking I will open a tax free savings account under my husbands bank account. That way if I want any money out of it for anything I will have to ask him. If I get behind on my regular bills that will cause problems as well. Risking having the electricity shut off is another barrier. There is part of me that just doesn’t have the appetite to do it all over again. They high interest loans, begging to family for financial help, total humiliation. I have to convince myself (remind myself) depending which brain i’m using, that this will be the end result. Gambling = downhill spiral into the gutter for me. PERIOD. I was doing a little more touch up painting. Took a break to have a coffee and see if anyone was around in group this morning. Quiet again. I’m hoping to finish up my painting today. Then get hubby to scrub the floor for me. It’s all coming together finally. Again something I can be grateful for. Most of the time I’m so busy being frustrated that things aren’t getting accomplished fast enough. Sun is shining, spring is coming, and I haven’t touched a slot machine in 9 days. Counting isn’t good for some, for me I think I almost need to. I’m enjoying a long Easter weekend. Hoppy Easter everyone,